Don’t Live Your Life Geared at One Speed

Insight #323

Today I know how to cruise in style.

. . .

Whenever I’m forced to stop for a big yellow school bus, I remember how I got to school: by bicycle, come rain or shine. (If it rained hard in the morning, my bike and I went to school by car. If it rained in the afternoon, well, my bike and I could dry off at home.)

My bike had one gear or no gears. Depending on your engineering know-how. The pedaling was the same whether I was going uphill or downhill.

Not surprisingly, I never learned about gears first hand. I never experienced how engaging a lower gear makes pedaling easier uphill. And how not engaging a higher gear on the downhill could have serious consequences.

No wonder I tackled life with one gear, going at the same pace, whether working or vacationing. But I am wiser now.

Today I can spot people who make the same mistake, living life at one speed. Even though they grew up with multi-geared bicycles.

At least I had ignorance as an excuse.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .

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