Do you hope or have faith?

Trigger Question #147 — reading time: about 1.1 minutes

Nothing is stronger than faith and hope combined. Except love.

‘Tis the season of peace and goodwill. But already some of us feel a bit stressed, because next year is looming. And we know what that means. New resolutions!

Time out. You know that every day is the start of a new year, don’t you? But that’s not how we humans are programmed. We need the drama of formal new beginnings. And there is nothing more dramatic than making New Year’s Resolutions that we hope not to break.

Oops! Hope is not a strategy.

But faith could be.

If you have faith in doing, that is. Not faith in hoping.

People develop faith in you through your actions, not through your words of hope. Funny thing is, though, when others have faith in you, then your faith in yourself will grow.

You should always act with a steady faith that your abilities will bring success. If you don’t have faith and belief in yourself, no-one else will either. And then hope, if you’re lucky, is all that you’ll have left to rely on.

But maybe you already know that nothing is stronger than faith and hope combined. (Except love.)

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

P.S. With that said, this is the season to be jolly, when hope always rides along with peace and goodwill. So here’s hoping that next year will be a better year for us all.

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