Did you trust your gut too soon?

Trigger Question #145 — reading time: about 1.1 minutes

How should I decide from here?

You make decisions. Constantly. What to wear. When to have more coffee. Where to go for lunch. And then there are trivial decisions. Like what gift to buy to please your partner.

If you are a manager or a leader, your decisions are more intoxicating. They make your ego feel powerful and important because you affect other people and dish out scarce resources.

The fun part of making leadership and management decisions is that you seldom have all the information you need. The scant information you do have is seldom perfect. So you make assumptions.

Because decisions must be made.

And because you must decide, even before all the perfect, pertinent information is available to you, you go with your gut.

Big mistake.

You should only trust your gut-judgment after you have exhausted all sources of enlightenment, be they research, analytics, big data, little data. (AI anyone?) And if you have, over years of practice, already filled a vault of experience dealing with similar decisions.

Meaning that you should only trust your gut once your gut has been trained, through intelligence gathering and practice, to be trustworthy.

In other words? Don’t trust your gut too soon.

But how will you know when it is not too soon to trust your gut? Why, go with your gut, of course.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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