Trigger Questions

Did You Pick the Right Tone of Voice?

Trigger Question #24

“I’m so sorry, but you have been unhired.”

. . .

If you are a wise and effective leader or manager, you will be deliberate in your use of language. You will choose words carefully, selecting specific words for the exact meaning you wish to communicate. Not so?

But then you screw it up by using the wrong tone of voice.

You are so focused on what you want to say that you neglect to focus on how you plan to say it.

If you have bothered to be meticulous in finding the appropriate words to express your exact meaning, don’t then be careless by using an inappropriate tone to voice your message.

Consider these statements and feel how you react to them:

  • You use your directive tone when you want someone to think for themselves.
  • You use your informal tone when you convey a serious message.
  • You use your assertive tone when you ask for honest feedback.
  • You use your friendly tone when you discipline someone.
  • You use your jokey tone when you fire someone.
  • You use your sarcastic tone when, well, just because you can.

The problem, of course, is this: We read words. But we hear tone of voice.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .