#221: Did You Know Speed of Boarding Is a Warning?

The BYB (big yellow bus), the one with the wheels that go round and round, is back. This time I can see it from my WFH perch (work from home space). This time it does not annoy me.

A couple of years ago, it annoyed me. If I timed my commute badly, I would face the backside of the BYB when its wheels stopped going round and round. Murphy’s Law doomed me to a stop-start journey to get to my POW (place of work).

Today I watch calmly from my window as this particular BYB annoys other rushing drivers. And yet, even as that other long-gone BYB annoyed me, its exhaust fumes triggered a nonsense-at-work insight.

The other morning I was stuck behind a big yellow bus. I had to stop three times before I got away. Life, it seemed, wanted me to slow down and smell the fumes.

Frustrated, I watched the cars buzz by on the other side of the road. But then I noticed something else.

No doubt, you’ve heard that irritating saying about getting the right people on your bus and the wrong ones off. Well, I watched those kids get on the bus. Slowly. Annoyingly slowly.

Then it hit me. Obviously, it’s not enough to find the right people for your bus. You must also pay attention to how they get on your bus. Are they willing and keen, or do they drag their feet?

You might have a bus. You might even have the right people for your bus. But maybe, just possibly, they don’t like where your bus is taking them.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.