Did You Follow Your Gut or Your Heart?

Trigger Question #5

Should I go with my heart, my head, or my gut?

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This is a tricky time for anyone in a leadership position. Yes, I know, it’s always a tricky time in leadership. But this time, few of the issues you face are directly related to your business, which you know so well.

And yet, people still look to you to make decisions, to give advice and to show guidance. What to do?

Consider this method that Sigmund Freud suggested for dealing with uncertainty and decision-making:

All small decisions, if you know the facts, should be dealt with consciously. But in large matters, where facts are missing and things uncertain, you must follow your heart.

Note carefully. He said follow your heart. He did not say follow your gut.

Your gut is likely to trick you into making decisions based on fear. We have enough fear already. Don’t add to it.

Follow your heart. We all could do with a little more kindness.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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