Trigger Questions

Did You Assume Without Assuming?

Trigger Question #153

If I assume… No. What if I assume… Maybe.

. . .

You should never assume without assuming. Actually, I’m not sure that it is even possible to assume without assuming.

I know this sounds like nonsense, but you shouldn’t assume it is. At least, not until I’ve explained.

I assume you already know that it’s risky to make assumptions. But I bet you don’t realize that when you assume, you own it. And any consequences.

And the reason you likely don’t realize this is that we tend to focus only on one meaning of the word ‘assume’. Especially at work. At work, when we assume, we accept, without question, that something is correct or true.

This is strange, because at work our job is to take on certain duties and responsibilities. Depending on our titles, we might even take control. Let me reword that and then you’ll see what I mean. At work, you assume certain duties and responsibilities. And even assume control.

Did you get that? Assume also means to take on. You assume certain duties and responsibilities, even control, when you assume a position at work. And that taking on, that assuming, implies ownership. Your job, your duties, your responsibility, under your control.

Which is why I say that when you assume something, you own it. You own the assumption that you’ve made and you own the consequences of that assumption.

You cannot skirt the issue by blaming the assumption you assumed was factual.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .