#118: Cut Out Playacting To Re-Invent Forward, Not Backward

Here’s what I dislike about the movie industry. Their ability to shout ‘cut!’ to re-do the scene or the script. I’m jealous of that.

Imagine having the power to shout ‘cut!’ to re-do until you get it right. That’s the way to deal with your mistakes. Did you catch that? Miss takes.

Well, in real life, you mostly have only one take to get it right. And sometimes you don’t even know in advance what the right outcome should be.

In real life, when you miss take, the trick becomes one of how to re-write your story from this point forward.

I wish someone would tell that to this current crop of callous politicians. Re-invent your story forward, not backward. Any fool can rewrite history and only fools will believe him, which is why I’m not jealous of that skill.

How do you create a new story starting now? That takes skill. It’s called living, not playacting.

Why is this so unpopular? Because you must take responsibility for the outcomes.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.