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Remember how you felt the last time you tripped over a piece of nonsense at work? (And all the many other times?)

Me too.

What if… you could make the nonsense at work work for you?

What if… that could make you more successful?

You can. And it will.

(It did for me. And for my clients.)

I’m James McIntosh. I coach people (since 1990) in how to make the nonsense at work work for them. (Executives, managers and anyone seeking promotion.)

Why do I focus on nonsense? Because it stops you from being successful. (Click here to learn more.)

Has this approach helped anyone? Yes. But you don’t need to take my word for it:
  • “The ultimate measurement of James’ effectiveness: The turnaround (a retail chain of 185 stores in 5 countries) was effected in 18 months.” [Joseph W. / CEO; retail clothing chain.]
  • “James works hard on your problems and you’ll get your money’s worth. He’s the real deal.” [Jeff J. / Chairman & CEO; media company]
  • “Word on the street is that you’re thinking of using James McIntosh for some work at your organization. There is nobody I would recommend higher!” [Peter K. / Director; advertising agency.]
  • “I highly recommend having a coach. James McIntosh has been of immense help to me over my career.” [Jessica P. / Chief Technology Officer; business technology]
Have they convinced you to chat with me? Unlikely. You need to know more before you will trust me enough to reach out to me. So here’s what I suggest:
  1. Read my blog or get it in your inbox, every week. (Click to read or click to see what you get when you subscribe.)
  2. Listen to my 60 second NonsenseAtWork podcasts on Spotify or Apple Podcast or on many other platforms. (Click here for the latest podcast and for links.)
  3. Consider my experience. (Click here to read about me.)
  4. Visit my “formal” coaching site. There you will find information on my four specific coaching processes. (Click here.)
  5. Send me a nonsense at work issue and I will respond with sense. I hope. (Email me:
  • “The complex challenges we faced – none could have been achieved without the steady guidance and advice of James McIntosh.” [James W. / Executive Director; non-profit]
  • “There is no doubt James is a major part of our success.” [Fred M. / Founder & President; branding & advertising]
  • “Thank you for all of your helpful and constructive advice.  I depend on it and you make my job easier.” [Helen D. / VP Business Planning and Operations; non-profit]
  • “Based on constructive analysis, listening, and just a few probing questions, James hit our organization’s proverbial nail on the head.” [Doug T. / Associate Director of Development; non-profit]
  • “James established himself as an outstanding mentor and a variety of executives and staff (including the writer) sought his council regularly.” [Joe P. W. / CEO; investment holding company]
Are you willing to chat? I hope so. Call: 804.240.2715 Email:

About James McIntosh (in brief):

  • Independent coach, advisor and consultant to executives since 1990
  • CEO/President (private company, USA)
  • Interim CEO (Industrial Holding Company listed on Johannesburg stock exchange, RSA)
  • Executive Board Member (listed Industrial Holding Company, South Africa)