#158: Bright Is Not the Same As Wise

I am constantly surprised by the number of bright people and by how many of them are in high office. I remain surprised until I remind myself that bright is not the same as wise.

Bright people are bright because they blind you with their unwavering sense of rightness. They see absolute truths where what-ifs daze and confuse simpletons like me. They see certainties where I see maybes; they have The One Answer when I have many; they see black and white while I am stuck in gray.

And the grayer I become, the more I realize that the only one right answer is that there is never only one right answer.

Surely, too much bright and we lose the shadows. Where do possibilities hide? In the shadows.

If only life is as clear-cut as they believe it to be.

Indeed, bright is not the same as wise.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.