Before Whining and Firing, Aim To Manage Wrong Into Right

Insight #303

“I know I am supposed to manage problem employees into successes. But this one?” (Created with Microsoft Copilot)

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We are living in an interesting economy. Some companies are strategically shrinking while others did not get that memo. Some companies are firing while others are hiring. It’s enough to make economists and other self-proclaimed oracles quite dizzy.

How should you manage this crazy hiring and firing?

Well, let’s ponder what managers can actually manage. Not from a senior executive’s perspective, not from HR’s perspective, but from a line manager’s perspective.

As reported, hiring is still happening, never mind the possibility of Artificial Intelligence destroying jobs and humanity. Some hiring reports hint at a skills shortage, again. This means that the odds are high that some poor manager somewhere is going to hire the wrong person for the job.

If you are that manager, then this advice is for you.

What if you are not hiring, but feel you have the wrong people on the… stop! I dislike that expression. What if you feel that one of your employees shouldn’t be one of your employees, should be anywhere but on your team? Then this advice is for you as well.

But first, what does it mean that someone is “wrong” for the job? I have no idea. You decide. After all, at work, it is your job to recognize right from wrong. And even vice versa.

Does this mean you are to blame for any “wrong one” in the job? I have no idea. There are many reasons why someone once deemed “right” ends up “wrong.” You are only one of many probable causes.

But that doesn’t matter as much as what you do next. You have three options:

  • Live with it.
  • Get rid of it.
  • Manage it.

But before you pick an option, remember this. You are a manager. You are supposed to manage problems into successes. Not successes into problems. So, before you start your whining and firing, be very sure that there is no way for you to manage the “wrong one” into being a “right one”.

Get that right and you won’t have to play on the hiring-firing seesaw/teeter-totter again.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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