Backstories to Blogs

Backstories are for clients and paying subscribers only. However, older ones will ultimately be released to all readers. Scroll down to see which ones are available to read now. (Clients and paying subscribers know where to read all versions. Log in here.)

Note: bs# = backstory number

bs11: Backstory to “Spring back from knocked into shape and cut down to size”

bs10: Backstory to “Please Match Your Content With Context”

bs9: Backstory to “Why we walk the same path with different expectations”

bs8: Backstory to “How Your Curvaceous Bottom Can Lead to Liking”

bs7: Backstory to “You Must Dance to Get Stoned”

bs6: Backstory to “Failure comes from tools to blame”

bs5: Backstory to “When Is a Problem an Opportunity”

bs4: Backstory to “Nothing Happens Until You Make a Move, Any Old Move”

bs3: Backstory to “Why Being Rudderless in Life Brings You to a Stop”

bs2: Backstory to “How to lead with your leadership gap” v2

bs1: Backstory to “How to lead with your leadership gap” v1