Trigger Questions

Are you happy now?

Trigger Question #131 — reading: about 1.1 minutes

Amazing are the people who don’t procrastinate. The ones who don’t put off until tomorrow that which they should really do today.

Take a moment to check your amazingness level. List all the things you regularly move to the not-today bucket. Please do this exercise now. Not tomorrow. Not Someday.

Rapidly list five things that spring to mind, tasks that you regularly skip doing. Like exercise daily; drink more water; write that report. Whatever.

By the way, is your not-today bucket labeled “The Future”? Or “Someday”? If so, you are a realist. Is your bucket labelled “Tomorrow”? You are surely an optimist. (What is a pessimist? Someone who doesn’t believe in buckets?)

Finished with your list? Here’s your trick question: Did you add “be happy now” to your the list?

If you did not, then I will assume one of two things:
– You are already happy now (hence no need not add “be happy” to your list).
– You are happy to delay your happiness.

If you are procrastinating your happiness (!?), then please meditate on the following true story:

Fritz Stern, a German-born American historian, received (another) grand prize. His wife asked him, “Are you happy?” He replied, “If not now, when?” (As reported in The Economist of May 28th, 2016)

Your Friday Trigger Question:

Are you happy now? (If not now, when?)

Welcome to my side of the nonsense happiness divide.