Are you happy now?

Trigger Question #131 — reading: about 1.1 minutes

You sure look happy now

. . .

Amazing are the people who don’t procrastinate. The ones who don’t put off until tomorrow that which they should really do today.

Take a moment to check your amazingness level. List all the things you regularly move to the not-today bucket. Please do this exercise now. Not tomorrow. Not Someday.

Rapidly list five things that spring to mind, tasks that you regularly skip doing. Like exercise daily; drink more water; write that report. Whatever.

By the way, is your not-today bucket labeled “The Future”? Or “Someday”? If so, you are a realist. Is your bucket labelled “Tomorrow”? You are surely an optimist. (What is a pessimist? Someone who doesn’t believe in buckets?)

Finished with your list? Here’s your trick question: Did you add “be happy now” to your the list?

If you did not, then I will assume one of two things:
– You are already happy now (hence no need not add “be happy” to your list).
– You are happy to delay your happiness.

If you are procrastinating your happiness (!?), then please meditate on the following true story:

Fritz Stern, a German-born American historian, received (another) grand prize. His wife asked him, “Are you happy?” He replied, “If not now, when?” (As reported in The Economist of May 28th, 2016)

. . .

Welcome to my side of the nonsense happiness divide.