#9: Periodically Pull the Plug To Wipe Your Life

Here’s nonsense at work with an unplugged message.

What happens when your electrical circuit is overloaded? It cuts out. What happens when your computer overheats? It shuts down. And when your hard drive is full? It stops saving.

That’s how we should cope with information overload. Periodically pull the plug, reboot and start with a clean sheet, a clean disk and a clean Inbox.

And yet, what do you do with too many emails, too many text messages, too many articles saved for later? You don’t cut out, shut down or stop saving, do you?

Unlike your gadgets, you feel guilty and worry that you may miss something important.

Trust me, if it was important, the universe or your boss will tell you.

If you want to blame me if my advice makes something disappear, then please note that I have already wiped my emails, my voice mail, my text messages, and probably my life.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.