#8: Your Curvaceous Bottom Can Lead to Liking (Your Job or Project)

Imagine a u-shaped graph. You can’t? Well, look inside your empty beer (or wine) (or champagne) glass.

Notice how one side goes down, reaches bottom and goes up on the other side. Have another drink as I explain why your new project or job is like your favorite drinking glass.

At the start of your new project, you have high expectations of amazing performance. (So does your boss, but that’s another story.) Soon reality bites. You are not as good as you thought you were.

Notice how similar this is to drinking a new brew? As you get into it, it’s not always as good as you’d hoped. But you don’t give up when you see the bottom of your glass. You have another, just to be sure.

Do the same with your new project or job. Don’t give up when it feels like you’ve hit bottom. That’s where you find the curve that takes you to the top, beyond the nonsense divide.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.