#4: Why Nonsense Happens at Work

Organizations are strange concoctions. They are staffed with people who agree to strive for collective objectives in exchange for individual rewards. They agree on a code of conduct and to follow instructions.

Those who don’t accept the purpose as mutual, the codes as worthy or the instructions as valid, are kicked out.

At best, it becomes a place where those who do think differently, learn to conform. At worst, it becomes staffed with like-minded people inclined towards pre-judgement and prejudice.

We have created a place:

  • where the person who critically assesses ideas is labeled an obstructionist;
  • where the one who speaks the truth is undiplomatic;
  • where the expert hired for her knowledge is told that we’ve always done it this way;
  • and where the one who agrees with us and tells us what we like to hear is promoted.

What hilarious nonsense!

Except it’s not funny when you make stupid decisions because others are unwilling to speak up and against.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.