#305: Behind the Wheel, Running Out of Life

Reading time: about 0.9 minutes

(Maybe you are going on vacation soon. This is for you. Maybe you are staying home. This is for you.)

Have you ever started your car, taken a convenient highway and kept going until you ran out of gas? Of course not. Yet, many of us seem to live that way. We keep going at the same stuff until we run out of life.

Highways are littered with signposts pointing to options and alternates. We ignore most of them, because we already know which ones to look out for. Life is also littered with signs, but we ignore them for the opposite reason: We ignore them because we don’t know where we are going and so we don’t know how to recognize the right signs.

We live as if we are still passengers in the family car. We ignore the moment, we fight with our neighbors, and we whine, “Are we where yet?”

So it comes as a shock when we finally realize that we are behind the wheel of life, running out of gas.

Enjoy the drive.

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