#300: How To Deal With Those Who Climb Mountains Where There Are None

I know people who climb mountains where there are none. You know the type. Where there are no obstacles, they build a few hurdles. When their path is smooth, they dig a few potholes. If their road is straight, they go round the bend a few times.

Did you notice my repeated use of the word ‘few’? That’s because these people don’t really want insurmountable problems. They just want a few that make them strive and make us mad.

Why does it make us mad? Because these people are not really pessimists. In their peculiar way, they are optimists. They simply like to feel that they are toiling hard, beating the odds, winning against the wind, whatever. Not for them, the even keel of smooth sailing.

How should you deal with them? With joy. Because they will carry your load when you as much as hint at a struggle. That’s why I love them to bits. You should too.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.