How To Decide How To Decide

Insight #290

“Heads or tails? I mean, front or back?”

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Flipping a credit card is not as credible as flipping a coin. So, in an increasingly cashless society, how do you make tricky decisions?

First, don’t let all this neuro-brain research into decision-making fool you. We use only three types of decision-making strategies. And we use them at different phases of life.

When in doubt, you can go with the flow, go with your gut, or go with your intellect. Stated differently, you can do what is easiest, what feels right, or what makes sense.

Kids go with the flow because it’s carefree. Mature adults go with the gut because of experience. All other people try to appear rational because they crave credibility.

I have reached the phase of life where I am experienced enough to go with my gut. But I’ve run into an unexpected problem. The more I use my gut, the bigger it gets and the more I want to go with the flow. And so I do.

Because I want to be a kid again? No, because it is less strenuous.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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