Want To Succeed? Don’t Zigzag. Weave.

Insight #289

Don’t zigzag when you should weave with purpose.

. . .

Have you ever watched a drunk stagger home?

Well, I once watched something similar. A guy with a metal detector combing an early morning beach. I was standing on a balcony which gave me a bird’s-eye view of his progress. As I watched I realized something interesting.

Have you ever watched a guy working a metal detector? And have you watched a drunk working a side-walk? Did you notice something interesting?

Correct! Both weave. But one zigzags all over the place, while the other one weaves with purpose.

That’s exactly the strategy you should adopt. Weave with purpose.

The past year may have left you (and your organization) punch drunk, zig-zagging and stumbling about. Now the risk is that you will seek stability by developing rigid plans with inflexible strategies.

Don’t. Things are still too uncertain for that to work.

Better for you to be clear on the outcome you want. And then to weave with purpose.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .