#278: Don’t Protect Yourself From Enjoying Yourself

There’s a lot of gloom and doom coming our way. Yes, I know, it depends who you’re listening to. But let’s assume “they” are right. (This time.)

When faced with approaching doom and gloom, what do the wise do? I have no idea. However, I suggest you enjoy the little things, good and bad, just a little more than you did yesterday. As if today is “It”, the end of times. (Without taking your eye off the future, because the future has a nasty way of happening.)

Here’s how.

We buy the latest smart phone because we want its stunning design and feather thinness. Then we hide both under a thick rubber shell to protect it from how we use it.

It’s the equivalent of using plastic liners to protect your new car’s carpets. At least, the carpets will still be new by the time you are ready to trade it in.

And so we go through life not fully enjoying the very things we bought because we believed they would give us joy.

I would rather clean my feet than cover my carpets. I would rather handle my phone with a bit more care than pad it beyond recognition. I am willing to be more careful how I do things so that I can enjoy more the things that I do things with.

After all, enjoyment of use is why I got the shiny, slinky new things in the first place.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.