#23: Struggle Free of Nose Grinding#23: Struggle Free

As you recover from your vacation, give yourself a break and walk the easier path. Be like a river. Flow easily. I’ve heard it said that keeping your nose to the grindstone has a better track record of success. But I don’t believe it.

What happens when you keep your nose to the grindstone? You also keep your head down. And when you keep your head down, you risk not seeing the changes happening around you. You could be grinding away at what no longer matters.

I don’t say ‘don’t struggle’. I say ‘struggle easier’. Struggle is often necessary. For example, what happens when a river gets blocked? At best a lake; at worst a stagnant pool.

To avoid stagnation, some struggle is necessary. But please question the degree and don’t assume that it must be a grind.

Personally, I find ‘struggle easier’ much more fun than ‘nose grinding’.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.