#22: Create Imbalance To Make Change Happen

Summertime is Segway time. No, this is not a commercial. It’s a segue to the point I want to make.

The way to create change is to first create imbalance.

Let me explain. When is the Segway stationary? When it is in balance. How do you get it moving? You lean forward. To get it to go, you must create imbalance. The more imbalance, the faster you go. Want to stop? Lean back until you are back in balance.

Your organization is like a Segway. It will only change if its system is out of balance. The same with people. We will change our position if we feel out of balance.

Why do we change if we are out of balance? Because we want to restore balance!

So, the trick to making change happen is to keep your people off balance just enough to keep them going in the right direction.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.