#211: Going With the Flow Gets You There in the End

Life is a struggle. Or so we expect based on social conditioning. Yet nature has many examples which show the success of the easy way. Like rivers. They find the easiest flow to the sea.

Have you swum across a river? The inexperienced river-crosser aims at a point directly across and struggles against the current. But the experienced river-crosser merely aims to cross and flows with the current to the other side.

If you aim for a very specific spot, then you must “tame” the river. But why not merely aim to cross, ride the current, and then walk to the desired spot?

Often when an inexperienced river-crosser gets about halfway, he realizes his struggle has exhausted him. Now he must choose. A final fight against the current, or give in and go with the flow.

The choice to let go is to admit that struggling is often simply nonsense.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.