#210: Solutions Searching for Problems Create Nonsense at Work

Do you know what I find annoying? Those people who go about thinking that all problems are opportunities in disguise. And do you know what I find really annoying? People who encourage them in the name of personal growth or whatever.

Admit it, you find them equally annoying. And here’s why, wonderfully described by one of my (whistleblower?) readers. “I work in an organization where people have solutions and go in search of problems. Where a problem doesn’t exist, they apply their designer talents to create one. In this way they are in a position to demonstrate their talents and merit selection for the increasingly rare opportunities for promotion.”

Do you have one of those at work? If so, be thankful. Why? Because they create the nonsense that you and I get paid to fix.

And what if you recognize yourself in that description? Well done! It means you are finally on the road to recovery.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.