#21: Vacation Time Is Wasted Time Unless You’re in Time

Are you going on vacation? Oh well, it will be a complete waste of time . . . unless you are in time.

No, not on time.

In time.

We waste time by not being in time. We live in any time zone except the present. Why? Because of guilt and fear.

Guilt keeps us remorseful about the past; fear keeps us doubtful about the future. We fill today with guilt for a yesterday that should have been different and clutter the present with fear of what tomorrow may bring.

And so we suffocate the life out of the moment.

We forget that the past and the future do not exist right now. It is simply our guilt and our fear which trap us in times that do not exist.

How can you stay in this moment? By being free of guilt and fear.

So stop feeling guilty about being on vacation and stop worrying about what you’ll find on your return to work.

Welcome to the nonsense divide.