#209: Live Life The Way You Plan Vacations

It’s vacation planning time (viruses permitting).

Do you go on vacation without planning it? And do you plan your vacation without bothering to find out more about the place you have chosen? Of course not. You spend hours looking at exotic photographs, researching local “things to do”, reading reviews and imagining yourself enjoying it all. Only then do you plan your trip and commit to going.

Imagine the opposite. Imagine finding yourself at a place not of your choosing, unsure of its attractions, suspicious of its charms and unprepared for the unknown “things to do.” Would you like that?

Then why do you live your life that way? Why do you travel into the future without making proper plans, without imagining it clearly? No wonder you often feel awful about making the trip.

You should view your life as a vacation. Maybe then you will plan it better. Maybe then you will enjoy it more.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.