#207: Don’t Be a Know-and-Hog

Do you know and hog or do you know and share?

Think about your teachers. Many of them knew stuff, but not all could teach. Now, think about your co-workers. Many of them know stuff. Some of them know how to communicate what they know. But others won’t share what they know.

At work, it is always your responsibility to share what you know. And if you are the resident expert, then it is also your responsibility to make yourself understood. It is plain arrogance to expect others to do the work of understanding you.

Knowledge has value only if it can be used. If it is locked up or not simplified for action, then it is useless. You will also be labeled useless if you possess knowledge which you won’t share or can’t simplify.

What if you are a leader guilty of knowledge abuse? Well, soon you will have no followers worth knowing.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide