#193: The Glare That Will Not See Your Ship Come In

Wherever I look, I see one group glaring at another. Is this competition in action or nonsense at work? Well, that depends on the stakes and the stakeholders. When these are similar for both groups, then we have a problem.

When Charles Darwin reached the islands around Cape Horn, the locals ignored his ship. As a group, these islanders did not believe that something that big could float, therefore it could not and did not exist.

They shared a common perception of reality, which made it easier to understand one another. But it meant that they ignored the same threats and missed the same opportunities.

Even educated groups today suffer these consequences of groupthink. They see the same old same old, naively increasing the stakes, but not the benefits, to their stakeholders.

They too will not see their ship come in.

Because, as Darwin warned, it is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, who survive, but the ones most adaptable (to change).

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.