#182: Your Chance to Play The Festive Half-Are-Stupid Game

It’s the season to be nice and forgiving. So this is the safest time of year for you to try the following social experiment. I call it “having fun with averages.”

According to the law of averages, fifty percent of the people you interact with daily are above average intelligence. And the other fifty percent? Exactly! They are below average intelligence.

The law does not identify which half is which. But that is exactly what makes the game possible and so much fun. You get to choose whether they are above or below average intelligence.

Here are the rules. Treat everyone you in the morning as below average intelligence and note how they respond. Do the opposite in the afternoon.

Here’s what I’ve learned by playing this game. People tend to behave the way I expect them to. And people tend to treat me the way I treat them.

Now go on, play the game. I’m sure fifty percent will forgive you.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.