#181: Sometimes Going Backwards Moves You Forward

As a young man, my father had a terrible commute home. Not only did he have to walk, he had to walk in the dark through a dangerous area. He told us he walked backwards so he could surprise the muggers before they attacked. We were very little when he told us, and so we believed him.

My girlfriend at university had a tiny Mini car. I had no transport except my feet, which is why I really, really liked her. One day we had a date on the top of a very steep hill. The Mini, being front-wheel drive, just could not do it.

Being a bright spark, I turned the car around, which put the weight on the driving wheels, and we reversed up the hill.

Believe it or not, sometimes looking back is the only way to face your fears.

And sometimes going backwards is the only way to overcome huge obstacles.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.