#178: Entitled to Give Thanks

Obligations for nothing and the rights are free (with apologies to Dire Straits).

Here we go again, the time of year that highlights entitlement. Thanksgiving is simply too close to Giveme, that other celebrated family holiday.

The one reminds me of Human Rights, the other of Human Obligations.

Human rights are things we have come to expect simply because we are human. However, because this idea of rights-I-can-expect has been so beneficial in some parts of the world, it has expanded into what-I-am-entitled-to.

This happened because we conveniently ignore the fact that rights are based on obligations. You cannot demand rights from society if you have not first met your obligations to society. Otherwise you encourage entitlement.

Entitlement is a feeling that you deserve something for nothing. For example, you deserve a bonus without extra effort, a promotion without being competent, time off without working overtime, a gift from Santa without being good.

Oh, wait! Scrub the last one.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.