#176: Thanksgiving Before Expectations

Next week we enter the period of thanksgiving and then we jump straight into the period of great expectations.

Actually, this is the correct order of things. Gratitude first, then expectation.

A common mistake we make is to withhold gratitude until we have received. We wait until we can judge whether what we have received is worthy of thanksgiving.

Imagine being served by a server who treats you poorly because she doesn’t know whether your gratuity will be worthy of better service. Or being served by a salesperson who is aloof because he does not yet know how much you plan to spend.
Successful businesses don’t treat customers that way. They do two things differently. They are pleased to serve you before they expect you to reach for your wallet.

And they apply a different meaning to expectation. They look forward to you reaching for your wallet.

They don’t act as if it is their due.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.