#175: Who Leaves Untidy Mess Thinks Mother Nature Untidy

Guess what I like about Fall. No, not the colors of the leaves, although I do like that. It’s the smell of rotting leaves, Mother Nature’s way of stocking her larder to fuel next year’s growth.

Guess what I don’t like about Fall. People who rake their leaves; who work against Mother Nature; who think Mother Nature is untidy; who deprive their plants of natural food. For Pete’s sake, why?

Guess what I really, really dislike about Fall. Those noisy leaf blowers and the mess they make. The mess? What mess? Blowers are supposed to clear the mess! Not the ones I see when I’m cruising the neighborhood, the ones who think it okay to blow their mess into the road or onto their neighbor’s yard.

Why is it wrong for Mother Nature to be untidy in your yard, but right for you to blow her mess into public space? I just don’t get it.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.