#171: Oh No! Sensible Them Is Now Us

All these political promises and visions of futures without painful pathways make me nervous. I am by nature suspicious of loose talk without binding responsibility. It’s a hangover from my school days.

I remember sitting on a hard school bench when a little voice would whisper something and the teacher would growl, “Who said that?” For 12 long years I waited for some kid to say, “An informed source, Sir.” But it never happened.

As a grown-up I read every day what ‘informed sources’ have to say and I’m expected to believe in their existence.

Years ago a teacher could get away with stating a proof as “because I say so.” Thanks to the internet and other media magic, we have ways and means of debunking say-so proofs and informed sources. And yet, we don’t bother.

Back then, kids had more sense. We should give them the vote.

Oh, right, Them is now Us.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.