#169: The Buck Stops Not Here

Do you often struggle to admit to your blunders and mistakes? You’re not alone. Note how long it takes politicians, celebrities and other media hungry public figures to admit to the wrongdoings we-the-public have suspected for weeks.

If you really, really struggle to own up to your mess up, take heart. There is one strategy that gets you off the hook easily, every time. Or so it seems, else it would not be so popular.

When caught out, all you have to do is to explain that, surely, everybody does it, or has done it, or is likely to do it sooner or later. Boldly express your conviction that many wrongs make it right.

History shows that if everybody made the same mistake, if everybody is to blame, then nobody is at fault and nobody should be in trouble. Or, as we say in the classics, the buck stops… not here.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.