#165: What Are You?

A Projector or an Extender?

We finally bought a television because I was tired of setting up the projector, the screen and the laptop just to watch a movie. Using a TV instead is now possible because it is easy to extend the internet. No more fuss!

This got me thinking about projecting and extending.

Projection is probably one of the first things they teach in acting school. How to project your voice to be heard; how to project your expressions to be seen. Projecting is about acting, often over-acting, to get your point across and your wishes accepted. Acting relies on projecting, not on extending.

Extending is about who you are, whereas projecting is about what you want (to achieve, to receive, to dominate).

When you project what you want onto others, you are coercing them. But when you extend who you are, they are free to choose how to respond to you.

To project, you must be present. But you can extend even when absent.

I wonder, what are you? A projector or an extender?

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.