#16: What Is the Key Aspect of Leadership?

What is the key aspect of leadership? I bet we could come up with a bucket full of words, like visionary, inspiring, commanding, and so on. Yes, these leadership attributes matter.

But is there one aspect of leadership that is critical above all others?

I think so. It is the ability to see the overall picture. Not only to see it, but to understand it, to make sense of it and to share it in a way that enables others to act appropriately.

That’s why I prefer my leaders at the top of the organizational pyramid. The higher the pyramid, the better the view.

But be warned. Being on top means that you had better stay on top of things because others depend on your view. Never forget that you are up there because you are standing on their supporting shoulders. Let them down and they will let you down. Hard.

Welcome to the nonsense divide.