#15: The Sticky Memory In Balanced Threes

How many legs does it take to keep an object steady on an uneven surface?

If you don’t know, then experiment. You will discover that an object with only two legs is likely to fall over, and something with four legs is likely to wobble. But three legs! Now that’s how you stop a wobble.

If you want something to be balanced and rock-solid, then think in terms of three.

For example, you should use this trick when giving a talk and you want your message to stay standing even after the audience has left. Your ideas will stick if you use no more and no less than three key points or arguments.

Use less than three, and your message will fall flat. Use more than three and it will wobble.

Oh, and when presenting, don’t play that Joan Armatrading song Me, Myself, I. To any audience, that’s three too many.

Welcome to the nonsense divide.