#11: Whistle As You (Stop) Work

Guess what I like about sports and other games. They end. They finish. They last for a pre-defined, limited time.

Remember when we had a time limited for work? It was called the 8-hour day and the 40-hour week. You don’t remember? No wonder. All work and no play gives Jack a dull memory.

Do you at least remember playing a sport? And how you got your second wind when you knew time was almost up?

Well then, try this at work. Set a time limit for tasks and an hour limit for days. It will force you to identify the most important stuff, the stuff that adds value. This will help you focus and concentrate until it’s done.

When you’re tired, remember the most important person on the playing field is . . . the one with the whistle about to blow end of play.

Time’s up! Gotta go . . .

to the other side of the nonsense divide.