Your approach to the great unwrapping – why it matters

Will Santa pay you a visit this year? If so, how will you react, with glee or with gravitas?

How you react points to how you are likely to react to the gifts awaiting you in the new year.

A few of us are such control freaks that we fixate on the one outcome we want, the must-have gift, to the extent that we become visibly angry if we don’t have our way.

Some of us are attached to the outcome we want and find it difficult to hide our disappointment.

Others are willing to be open to outcome and receive graciously whatever is given.

A number of us have become so detached from outcome that we live with passive acceptance and fateful resignation of whatever happens.

Only a few of us are in open anticipation of outcome, visibly excited to engage with any surprise the universe may offer.

So, how will you approach the great unwrapping?