Why we still don’t believe your “I didn’t do it!”

Kids! When something breaks or goes wrong, the cry is heard across the land, ‘I didn’t do it!’ Time was when most kids out grew the cry. But today?

Do we have a responsibility breakdown or what? It seems that too many people in power don’t understand what it means to be responsible.

Responsibility is the ability to respond.

This begs the question, how? ‘Appropriately’ would be nice. You are in a responsible position because you were once deemed trustworthy and capable of rational conduct. Get it?

Here’s the tricky bit for some people. Being responsible also means that you are liable to be called to account. You ‘own’ the outcomes whether you like it or not.

No, you may not sit on the fence. Yes, you are expected to respond. And no, you may not shout, “I didn’t do it!” You see, we still won’t believe you.