Summertime: When efficiency is effectively too slow

It’s Friday. Are you also having that lazy, hazy craving for hot days on the beach?

Be careful. That craving once earned me a hot glare from a business school professor.

The professor was explaining why efficiency is business magic. Why efficiency mattered, why it was better for all, why we, as future superstar managers, had always to aim for efficiency, and so on.

This was a Friday evening class, believe it or not. No wonder his enthusiasm was met with tired stares. Hoping to inspire us, even just a little, he asked us to imagine that we were planning a drive to a fancy holiday resort. What car would we choose based on fuel consumption and miles to be traveled?

That’s where he lost me completely and I finally spoke up.

Sir, if that’s the destination, then I’m taking the fastest car.

To this day I still think that effectiveness trumps efficiency, even if it costs a glare or two.