The Shrinking Leadership Syndrome is not on vacation

What are your vacation plans? What! Only taking a couple of days off? Surely not. You know that it takes at least five days just to begin to unwind.

Never mind, you’re not alone. American workers take fewer vacations than people in nearly every industrial nation.

Like all odd behaviors, this one has a name. It’s called ‘shrinking-vacation syndrome’.

If you ask me, it’s the shrinking self-confidence syndrome. Do you really think your job will disappear if you disappear for two weeks?

It’s nonsense that you can’t leave your job for a well-deserved rest. And it’s plain stupid not to see the need to recharge your batteries. Even your laptop knows that!

But your boss seemingly does not. A boss from my past insisted that I take two weeks off in one go. If you tried that today, your boss might insist that you stay away. I call that shrinking-leadership syndrome.