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#941: You don’t have to like it to love it


meeting1Who is the teacher – the parent or the child? The answer is obvious, until you become a parent. Then you enter the gray zone, and not only from a lack of sleep.

Can you love someone without liking them? The answer is also obvious, until your children turn into teenagers. Love, yes, but like? Sometimes that’s asking too much.

That is when you finally understand why religions and philosophies urge you to love your neighbor instead of merely asking you to like your neighbor.

At places I have worked, I had not always liked every colleague, but I often loved what we were as a team.

Today I find myself not really liking some of my fellow citizens, based on their politics. But I am now wise enough to know that liking matters little as long as I can still love who we are collectively. And what we teach and learn together.

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#416: The root of all evil

Every day there are more and more people without enough money to get through the day.

Surely, this is good news! Money is, after all, the root of all evil. Every time someone loses a job, defaults on a loan or becomes homeless, it helps us to build a better society. Rejoice!

No? Of course not! George Bernard Shaw was right. He said “the lack of money is the root of all evil.”

Actually, he was almost right. I think the lack of love is the root of all evil.

Not enough love triggers the need for ‘feel good’ substitutes which leads to a spending bubble. And when it pops, the lack of love becomes very visible – in the lack of empathy that kills jobs; the lack of sharing that cuts benefits; the lack of caring that destroys healthcare; the lack of heart that divides a nation.

It’s time to love your neighbor. You might soon need some love in return.

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