Success comes from lobbying in the lobby


Once upon a time lobbying was not a naughty word. Lobbying was actually quite constructive. I know, because I worked for a successful firm that encouraged lobbying.

Let’s be clear about lobbying. A lobby is the entrance area to a building. And lobbying is the attempt to influence a decision-maker’s point of view. Put lobby and lobbying together and what do we see? Yes! That lobbying is best done in the open, not behind closed doors.

Furthermore, the word lob means to throw, and thus lobbying means to throw ideas at someone. It does not mean to pressure someone into changing a way of thinking.

In the successful firm I mentioned, executives lobbied brazenly to influence an upcoming decision. But then something amazing happened.

After the executive team met and made a decision, those who lobbied like crazy against the decision now worked like crazy to make it a success.