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Are you mentoring or meddling? Here’s how to tell.

Are you mentoring or meddling? A trick question for any parent, friend, colleague or elder. Here’s how to tell. Read more

Do you need a mentor or a coach? How to decide.

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach? Here is my simple explanation:

A mentor looks after your interests whereas a coach looks after your skills.

A mentor is normally an older person in the same organization who takes a younger colleague under his or her wing. As far as I am concerned, Read more

Become a pessimist – break the link between getting and gratitude

Children don’t seem to say ‘thank you’ in public. This worries me. Read more

Summertime: When efficiency is effectively too slow

It’s Friday. Are you also having that lazy, hazy craving for hot days on the beach?

Be careful. That craving once earned me a hot glare from a business school professor. Read more

What is nonsense?


Nonsense is anything that stops you from being ‘successful.’

The term ‘nonsense’ describes absurd, ridiculous, foolish or meaningless words, ideas, or conduct. Nonsense is purely subjective: you are likely to see ‘nonsense’ when you disapprove of it. (For example, you might disapprove of the word ‘bullshit’, Read more