On the downhill to sticky success

Here is an important message from Nonsense At Work. The name of the month is July and the number of the month is seven. Do you know what that means?

From here it’s downhill all the way to December 31st. And do you know what happens on December 31st? You will once again be making the same resolutions that did not stick this year.

But wait! You still have five months and a bit. So try this trick to make them stick. Imagine it is already December of this year and you are looking back on a successful year. Describe in detail what that success looks like to you.

Now, look back in time and note what you did, what you had to do, to create that success. What steps do you think you had to take (did take in your mind) to create that success? Write them down. Now come back to today, here in July, and start doing those very things.

That’s how you create sticky success on the downhill to December. And how you turn resolutions into done-just-in-time.