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#96: June 2015 MindShift

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June 2015

Making Bird Dodger Feel Ourselves

If you don’t contribute, don’t complain about what happened

complain-contributeHave you seen those ridiculous headlines about a company reporting positive earnings, but the stock drops because analysts had wanted more?

These ridiculous headlines give credibility to analysts who sit in comfort at their desks, reviewing what happened, but never creating what is happening. Come on, people. Even I play better football sitting in the stands than the tired players on the field; even I know more on my couch than the coach up close.

Why are we so easily influenced by so-called experts, when deep down we know that these same backseat drivers would have no idea what to do if they were forced to react to unfolding events as they happen in the real world of customers, competitors, suppliers, employees, shareholders, analysts, rain, sleet or snow.

It is time to ignore those who have the power to complain about what happened, but who cannot contribute to making it happen.

He who hesitates is luckier than the early bird, and vice versa

early-birdAs a manager you contribute to making it happen, one way or another. But how do you know when the time is right to make a decision?

I’m not talking about obvious decisions, but tricky ones. Sometimes when you procrastinate, it will cost you. Other times you will benefit from the delay. So how do you know which and when?

This morning I watched as a car raced through a red traffic light. Luckily, the drivers who had green hesitated long enough not to become road kill.

Once again I reminded myself that it pays to leave home a minute later than planned. That way I miss the crazy lady decorating her face or dashing cowboy running late. But I do worry that my minute of delay might create enough time for the second fast fool to get me.

The point is, whether at work or on the road, he who hesitates might be luckier than the early bird. And vice versa. Who knows?

Don’t be a question dodger – stop for full stops under question marks

question-mark“Who knows?” is a rhetorical question. In other words, I don’t expect you to answer the question nor even to know the answer. But what about normal questions? Do you often answer a question with a question?

If so, then you’re a ‘question dodger.’ Question dodgers question back because they don’t know the answer, they want to hide the truth, they are playing for time, or because they are trying to be funny.

When you respond to a question with a question you probably react quickly because you don’t intend to answer. So you leave no pause between question and question.

If this rapid response is your style, then I have a question for you. Why is there is a period under the curve of the question mark? Why a full stop and not a comma?

Because you should stop after asking a question. If you don’t shut up after asking a question, then how can the other person respond? Equally important, the person being questioned should also stop before responding. Maybe then the response will not be a dodging question.

Feel safe enough to be happier now

feeling-saferAs we are talking about dodging questions, I have two security questions for you. Do you feel safe? And are you safe?

We tend to treat both concepts as the same, don’t we? So let me ask you this. What matters more, being safe or feeling safe?

Here’s why it matters. If you are safe, but feel unsafe, your behavior and decisions will reflect your fear, and so influence how you live.

Many security and safety measures in our society are really there to make us feel safer; they cannot guarantee our safety. And yet we behave and live as if we are safe. Rightly so.

Now, what matters more, being happy or feeling happy? That’s right! Feeling happy influences how you behave, which will make you happier. Being happy comes from feeling happy.

Believe it or not, most of the time you are safe. So drop your fear and before you know it you will be happy as well.

Protecting ourselves from enjoying ourselves

protect-from-joyWe buy the latest smart phone because we want to be happy. Or so it appears. More likely, we buy the latest smart phone because of its stunning design and feather thinness. And then we hide both under a thick rubber outer shell to protect it from how we use it.

It’s the equivalent of using plastic liners to protect your new car’s carpets. At least the carpets will still be new by the time you are ready to trade it in.

And so we go through life not fully enjoying the very things that we bought because we believed they would give us joy.

I would rather clean my feet than cover my carpets. I would rather handle my phone with a bit more care than pad it beyond recognition. I am willing to be more careful how I do things so that I can enjoy more the things that I do things with.

After all, enjoyment of use is why I got the slinky phone and shiny car.

Would you like to feel safer and happier?

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