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#92: February 2015 MindShift

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February 2015

Whining Toughs Going Down Negative

Before whining and firing, aim to manage wrong into right

mastering-overWith hiring happening in the workplace, some poor manager somewhere is going to hire the wrong person for the job. If you happen to be that manager, then this advice is for you.

But first, what could ‘wrong for the job’ be? I have no idea. You decide. After all, you are the one who knows when a wrong has been done.

On the subject of you knowing, does this mean that you are to blame? I have no idea. There are many reasons why someone ends up wrong for the job. You are only one of many possible reasons.

What matters is what you do next. You have three options. Live with it; get rid of it; or manage it.

But remember this: you are a manager. You are used to managing problems into successes. So, before whining and firing, be very sure that this wrong cannot be managed into a right.

Real toughs get going to where they can see the war

going-gets-toughIf you cannot manage a wrong into a right, then remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

How do you interpret the part about the tough get going?

It all depends on your mind-set, doesn’t it? You might believe that it means the tough will get involved, roll up their sleeves and tackle the problem. Or you could be cynical and believe that it means the tough will run like the wind, away from the tricky situation.

But what should you do, as a leader faced with the going getting tough? If you believe that your role is to be tough, to be ‘the strong one’, then you will make the mistake of getting involved in the daily detail.

That is not where you should be. When the going gets tough, more than at any other time, you should get above it all. You must get out of the detail, else you will only see the battle you are fighting now, and not see what the war is all about.

Sometimes going backwards moves you forward

coach-going-placesAs a young man, my father had a terrible commute home. Not only did he have to walk, he had to walk in the dark through a dangerous area. He told us that he walked backwards so that he could surprise the muggers before they attacked. We were very little when he told us, and so we believed him.

My girlfriend at university had a tiny Mini car. I had no transport except my feet, which is why I really, really liked her. One day we had a date on the top of a very steep hill. The Mini, being front-wheel drive, just could not do it.

Being a bright spark, I turned the car around, which put the weight on the driving wheels, and we reversed up the hill.

Believe it or not, sometimes looking back is the only way to face your fears and sometimes going backwards is the only way to overcome huge obstacles.

Slow down to give others a slot at the wheel of fortune

winningsThe economy is growing and managers are hiring (I said that already?). Here’s what you can do to help your friends get hired back on the job: slow down, don’t work so fast.

Think about it. When the crunch was on, your boss fired your friends and then demanded that you work harder and longer. You suffered, your family suffered, your pocket suffered, but you carried on because you needed the job.

Hey, I’m not suggesting you sabotage your employer! This is actually good for business, good for the economy and good for the country. The more people working, the more money spending, the more economy growing, the more people working . . . . Simple isn’t it?

That’s why it’s called the wheel of fortune! Yes, it does seem like a perpetual motion machine. And, yes, I’m sure we will be fooled again.

But you owe it to your friends to be less productive so that they also get a slot at the wheel.

When in doubt, talk negative to do it

negative-self-talkAre your resolutions slipping? Then boost yourself the way that little toy engine did when he puffed “I think I can I know I can of course I can” or words to that effect. This little engine is not alone in believing in the power of positive talk. Many people, up and down the tracks, have on occasion chanted “Yes we can!”

Chanting positivity can be fun, but does it work? Not always. That little engine made it to the top because he knew himself already. Affirmations work when they match how you see yourself.

But when you loath yourself and you doubt yourself, then positive talk turns negative. Social research confirms this. And it’s simple arithmetic – a positive and a negative make a minus.

So, if you don’t believe in yourself, better to tell yourself that you cannot do it. Maybe then you will, because two negatives do make a positive.

Are you a whining tough going backwards?

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